Saturday, January 26, 2013

Newsletter 13 (Jan 26, 2013)

News on January 26, 2013

Samsung Q4 reports is out: profits reach record $6.6 billion : Click Here

Nokia updates Nokia Maps, adds Israel and other countries : Click Here

Ubuntu smartphone to launch without app store, won’t support Android apps : Click Here

Facebook Cuts Down Twitter's Vine : Click Here

Google Images gets biggest redesign ever, rolling out now : Click Here

1.6 billion phones shipped in 2012, Samsung, Apple and Nokia are top three makers : Click Here

Report: 145 million tablets to be shipped this year : Click Here

Unboxing + Hands on with the Nokia Lumia 620 (We're smitten) : Click Here

Microsoft responds to concerns about the Xbox Windows Phone release drought : Click Here

Financials: Lumia is growing and Microsoft doing just fine for now : Click Here

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