Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Newsletter 3 (Jan 15, 2013)

News on January 15, 2013

Amazon.de puts up the Sony Xperia Z for pre-order : Click Here

Analyst: Microsoft Surface sold only 1 million units last quarter : Click Here

Free Wireless Charging Plate for all AT&T Lumia 920s until Feb 21 : Click Here

Samsung Galaxy S series shipments surpass 100 million : Click Here

The best all-in-one PC: we review the new touchscreen Windows 8 desktops : Click Here

Leaked BlackBerry 10 screenshot shows Voice Control; RIM's shares soar 10% : Click Here

Official Speedtest.net App Now Available For Windows Phone 8 Devices : Click Here

The US Windows Phone market share grew 50% between Q2 and Q3 2012 : Click Here

Can Facebook bring the magic back? : Click Here

Microsoft just teased the next Xbox at CES : Click Here

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